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Insurance Policy Disputes

Insurance claim disputes are not supposed to happen. The purpose of insurance is to help you when you are in need because of a tragic accident or an unfortunate event. Insurance is supposed to insure your financial protection.
Policyholders who face a claim of liability by a third party need their insurance company to keep its promise and defend the claim. If a judgment is obtained against the policyholder, the insurance company must pay the claim up to the limits and promise in the policy.
Policyholders who are making a claim under their own policy for business losses, property loss, or physical injuryneed their company to assist them in making the claim and filing a proof of loss, and the company needs to make prompt payment of the policy benefits so the insured can recover from the loss.  
Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always meet their obligation and keep the promises that they made. Insurance companies do this by denying claims, paying less than is owed, delaying payment, or making unreasonable demands before making payment.
Our firm has substantial experience in representing policyholders who have been denied coverage under their insurance policy.
Insurance is a Promise
The purpose of insurance is to help you when you are in need after you have suffered a tragic accident or unfortunate event. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always meet their obligation. An insurance policy is a contract. When you purchase an insurance policy and pay your premiums you have entered a legally binding contract with the insurance company. In cases in which you are due benefits from you own insurance company, like disability, or life insurance policies or claims for uninsured or under-insured motorist benefits, your insurer owes you a duty of good faith and fair dealing. They are prohibited from denying your claim without a reasonable basis. Unfortunately, insurance companies and other large corporations do not make money by paying out large claims. Their loyalty is often to the owners and shareholders, not necessarily to the insured. Insurance companies sometimes employ a variety of dubious tactics to delay or deny a claim to protect their financial bottom line. These tactics include:
  • Failure to perform timely and adequate investigation in hopes that you will abandon your claim
  • Delay tactics, designed to pressure you into accepting the terms offered by the insurance company
  • Making unreasonable documentation or verification demands
  • Questioning your honesty or integrity
  • Requiring Statements under Oath
  • Denying coverage through aggressive interpretation of exclusions
  • Issuing reservation of rights letters to remain in control of the case, but maintaining the insurance company’s right to sue you and deny payment at a later date
Contact us for a free consultation if you have paid your premiums faithfully, or you made a valid claim on someone else’s insurance policy in order to get protection when you needed it most, and the insurance company did not hold up their end of the deal. If an insurance company is not meeting their obligations or being unfair in their settlement practices, you need to consult with an attorney. Consultation is free, and we will review your legal rights with no further obligation. We will explain your options and the consequences so you can make the best decision given your circumstances.
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